The Third Pillar of Success in Your Life – Health – 3 of 3

The Third Pillar of Success in Your Life: Health

Do you agree that health is the last pillar of the success for your life?

Besides wealth and happiness, health is equally important if you have set your goal to get rich and become a millionaire. More often or not, a lot of good people focus solely in acquiring wealth and making money. Some dislike money and only want to pursue in getting happiness. Life is incomplete if you only focus on one of the three pillar of success alone. Do you want a incomplete success? I don’t think so. It is not too late as you can change it today.

Health comes from three areas namely healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul. Are they separated from one another? NO, there are not separated but rather they are interconnected with each other. Are you confidence in acquiring healthy mind, body and soul?

I will show how you could get closer in fulfilling your dream of healthy mind, body and soul. Firstly, you need to exercise consistently for 30 minutes a day. The level and type of exercise are completely up to you. You could choose to go for jogging, swimming, aerobic, playing soccer, dancing, boxing, taiji, window shopping etc. How do you know if you have exercise enough? You need to sweat yourself out. You need to feel that you are sweating during the exercise. Therefore, if you are planning for a window-shopping, I would recommend a outdoor one instead of a air-conditioned one.

You need to set exercise into your life routine. It is important to do it everyday. You should not expect any result if you are doing it only once in a blue moon. However, it is extremely easy to do once it becomes your daily routine and a good habit for you.

Secondly, you need to eat moderately. You should only start eating until you feel hungry. The feeling of hunger allows your body getting back to the original sense of what and how much to eat. You should never eat too much as it will increase the waste in your body. It is often what we eat that cause illnesses to our body. In addition, you should avoid oily foods at all cost. Do we need more waste and fat in our beautiful body?

Thirdly, you need to set our mind to doing good things. A healthy mind thinks about how it could help the universe and make it a better world. You are one entity of this universe and your contribution is important. Ask yourself what you can do to make the world a better place. If you do good, you will feel good. The healthy mind comes from simply doing good things consistently and genuinely for a good cause.

Lastly, we need to set aside one to two hours a day to reflect. You can chose to meditate, practice Yogo or Zen like T. Harv Eker. You can also simply have a quiet moment by yourself and reflect on what you have done each day. Empty your mind and let the natural force take over your body. Listen to the universe and your inner self to get connected to your soul. If you have no idea what it is discussed here, you should explore this area attentively.

You have all three pillars of success with you now. Your journey to get rich, make money and becoming a millionaire is no longer a trial and error. You are equipped with the right tools and mindset now. Your willingness to take action will determine your success in this difficult journey.