The Big Secret of Life, Health and Success

If you want to give others something, what’s the first requirement?


What’s the first requirement? Willingness? Generosity? Broad mind? Just an occasion?

They might be necessary too. But much later. Before all of them, the requirement is that you must ‘have it’ with you.

Because you can never give others something that you don’t have with you.

Now, we complain about youngsters who don’t seem to have any respect for the elders, students who don’t bother to wish their teachers, a generation that values dollars more than parents, homeland and relationships!

What could be at the root of such tendencies?

If someone doesn’t give respect or love to those around him, it might well be that he doesn’t have enough of it with him. And if he doesn’t have enough of it with him, it would be possibly because he hasn’t received enough of it.

You cannot radiate anything before having absorbed it first.

That is the need of most us today. We seem to be unable to radiate compassion, love or empathy because we haven’t received them adequately. So we witness cynicism, crime, hatred, war, oppression, vanity and so on and so forth in the so called civilized society around us.

Is there a solution?

There is.

What do we mean by the idea of self-improvement which is the author’s objective in writing these things down here? What’s your objective as the reader?

To make life more harmonious, to be at peace with ourselves and with the world around us, to stay healthy – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, isn’t it?

You might object. You might say you’ve a different objective when you visited this page – that is – you wish to find some tips here to make success easier – the success that seems to be eluding all the time – in academics, career, business or love.

You might think I’m going off the trail when I talk about such things as harmony, peace and spiritual health.

I’m very much on the right trail!

To make myself clearer, there’s one more thing that needs to be pointed out:

Freedom, love, health, happiness and success are all one and the same thing. It is not possible that we have some of these and not have the others. Either we have all of them or none of them.

A popular myth is that there is some big secret of life which makes its source code and that those who have tasted success are those who discovered the source code.

Not quite so.

The big secret of life is that ‘there’s no big secret’. If you can free yourself from the conditioning that shadows your creativity, if you have learnt to love, if you can unlearn the bases that form the premises of your narrowed-down horizon, if you can capture the rhythm that binds you with the rest of the world and if you can begin to see yourself as an integral, yet important, part of that world, you’ll begin to make an appraisal of yourself as an absolute entity, realize your inherent worth and stop making the mistake of measuring yourself in terms of the standards you have (falsely) assumed.

Then you’re free, healthy, lovable, happy and what more, you’re successful.

I dwell on this for so long because I don’t want to play the dishonest game of success doctor with you. Nor do I want you to be vulnerable to that game being played by someone else either.