Coffee Advantages to Life, Health, and Well Being – Is It Really That Good?

Most Americans drink quite a bit of coffee, and I’d say that most of them believe that coffee isn’t really that good for them. Indeed, they say that everything is okay in moderation, but coffee is not one of those things that people take in moderation, they seem to drink coffee every single day, and many drink quite a bit, perhaps two, three or even 4 cups of coffee a day. Yes, they are definitely wired, and they alone are bridging the digital divide.

However, it is rather reassuring that coffee does have some positive attributes for the human biosystem. For instance it is been said that drinking one cup of coffee a day can prevent early onset Alzheimer’s, and there have been many other interesting stories in the news, and quite a bit of research with other advantages to coffee. We know that caffeine is not necessarily good for the central nervous system of the human body, but it seems to have other positive properties.

That is to say that coffee has advantages to life, health, and well-being. Still, as a skeptic I like to challenge the empirical data of many of these research reports that I read about in the science news, or the major newspapers. Most of all I want to make sure they’re not being funded by the coffee industry, otherwise how can we trust them. Next, I would like to look at; the empirical evidence, size of the study, and where the study took place.

Why you ask? Because it appears to me that people in different parts of the world have different diets, climate, and lifestyles, there are more things interacting with their bodies than just coffee. Not long ago, there was a very interesting article in Irish Times Online News on May 11, 2011 titled “Coffee Cuts Breast Cancer Risk, New Research Shows” by Dick Ahlstrom (Science Editor).

Okay so, we know that breast cancer is a pretty serious issue, and although fewer people die today because of breast cancer thanks to good screening, and early treatment, it would be nice to knock that type of cancer off the face of this planet. The article discussed a research project which was done in Sweden and it stated; “Women who drank five or more cups of coffee a day were found to have a 57 per cent reduced risk of developing a form of breast cancer known as ‘oestrogen receptor-negative’ cancer.

After reviewing this research paper, it seems legitimate, and it even makes sense from a medical standpoint. Therefore, it’s nice to know that although many people believe coffee is not good for them, and they feel guilty drinking it, maybe heavy coffee drinkers are getting some benefit out of all this, and maybe that will offset the challenges that caffeine has on their central nervous system over time. Indeed I ask that you please consider all this and think on it.