Overcome the Signs of Aging With Botox

When dealing with the aging process, lines and wrinkles can make people feel self-conscious about their appearance. Often, people end up looking older than they actually are. Although there is no fountain of youth, there are cosmetic treatment options that can help people turn back the hands of time and find their younger-looking selves. Botox is a treatment option that helps individuals overcome lines and wrinkles for smoother skin.

What Can Be Expected With Botox?

Botox is administered via an injection. The skin is first cleansed so there are no bacteria that would cause infection. Once the skin has been cleaned, a topical anesthetic is applied. This topical medication helps to prevent any discomfort from the injections.

The injections are applied into the muscle tissue where the skin is wrinkled. Botox helps to prevent the muscles from deeply contracting in these areas. Once the muscles are no longer contracting, the skin is smoother so the lines and wrinkles disappear.

Although the area is numbed, it is not abnormal for a person to feel some stinging in the area. After the treatment, there may be redness, irritation, and even some slight bruising. It is important patients follow the instructions of their doctor so they can avoid any adverse reactions.

What Happens in the Recovery Period?

Redness and irritation will typically fade within a day or so. It takes about a week before a person will begin to see the results of their treatment. Botox results will last about six months and can sometimes last longer. Once the lines and wrinkles begin to show again, Botox injections can be carried out again.

Today’s Botox injections offer more natural-looking results than ever before. Most people do not experience any major complications from Botox, but it is important to speak with a doctor about any health issues or medications before considering the treatments.

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