Obvious Marks of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age and How to Correct Them Safely

It’s natural for women to be displeased with their appearance as they get older. Gravity can be the enemy to someone who feels much younger than they look. There are some Marks Of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age but there are things that can be done to correct unsightly problems. Knowing the simple steps to take can help a woman look younger and surprise others when they hear her real age.


Gravity isn’t just a problem when it comes to the face and chest. It can also affect the arms and buttocks. Diet and exercise are the most natural ways to correct this problem. However, those methods take time. When a woman is unhappy with the way the skin under her arm is hanging and needs a solution immediately, wearing clothing to cover the problem until the effects of the exercise start to show can help her feel more confident in social situations.

Cosmetic Procedures

There are many cosmetic procedures that don’t require going under the knife. Cool sculpting, dermal fillers and permanent makeup can help a woman feel good about herself without spending hours at the gym or recovering from painful surgery. Women should evaluate all of their options when they want to make significant changes to their appearance. A quick and temporary solution may be all that’s necessary for some situations, such as high school reunions. However, other situations require more long-term results and women have many options to get the effects they desire.

Dental Care

Yellow teeth can make a woman look a lot older and it’s very easy to fix. Many dental offices offer teeth whitening services to their patients. These treatments can be done over the lunch hour and typically produce dramatic results. Women who are missing teeth can get them fixed with the help of dental implants. Implants often produce dramatic results in the way a woman looks and feels about herself.

Few women are going to happy to hear that a stranger thinks they are older than they actually are. If this ever happens, a woman should know there are things she can do to correct the problems, either quickly or over time, so they look much younger again.