Reasons to Consider Having a FUE Hair Transplant

New methods are being developed all the time to help people suffering from hair loss to restore their full and luscious locks, so it can be difficult to evaluate which method is really best. Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, hair transplants are one of the most promising of these recently developed treatments. This article is designed to help anyone considering having a Fue Hair Transplant decide whether this treatment is really right for them.

Less Scarring

Traditional hair transplant procedures require entire pieces of skin be extracted from a donor area for transplantation. This leaves huge scars that prevent those who have had the procedure from wearing their hair short after surgery even when it has been completely effective. In comparison, FUE transplants leave practically no scarring at all.

Shorter Healing Time

In addition to providing the same, or better, results as traditional transplants with less unsightly scarring, FUE transplants also boast a shorter healing time. Many traditional transplantation procedures require multiple sessions for full results, while FUE transplants allow over 8,000 individual hairs to be transplanted in one single session. Within less than a year after this session, it is next to impossible to even tell a patient has undergone treatment.

Less Hair Required

FUE treatment can be used even if the patient does not have very much donor hair. While not all patients are ideal candidates for FUE transplants, this procedure can help a wider variety of patients regain a full head of hair than most traditional procedures. In fact, just about anyone can undergo restorative treatment. The only question is whether his or her bald area will be sufficiently covered once the treatment is completed.

Hair Can Be Trimmed Sooner

Anyone who wants to be able to trim their hair to wear it in shorter styles soon after treatment should absolutely consider FUE treatment over the alternatives. The fact that it leaves almost no scarring and it requires little healing time means that patients can trim their hair short much sooner than they could otherwise. This is true even for those who have exceptionally tight scalps, which would make other treatment alternatives less effective.