5 Signs of Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes

Many of the most common signs of neglect and abuse in nursing homes are often overlooked, or they’re thought of as a normal part of aging. Abandonment, premature death, and excessive pain shouldn’t be part of a patient’s experience. By looking for the warning signs listed below, families can save a loved one from suffering.

Sudden Weight Loss

Both aging and medications can reduce a person’s appetite. A negligent nursing facility often lacks the compassion and staff needed to ensure that every resident gets the hydration and nutrition they need. If a family notices their relative is losing weight, especially if other warning signs are present, they shouldn’t wait to call an attorney.


Families of residents should ask for answers any time they see bruises on a relative’s body. Bruises are pools of blood from broken vessels under the skin, and they heal quite slowly in those with circulation issues. Many times, bruises occur when a resident is struck or allowed to fall, and they require prompt medical attention.


Frequent and major falls are signs of nursing facility neglect. It’s the facility’s job to develop a care plan for each resident to prevent falls. All falls should be documented, no matter how minor, because they can lead to significant medical bills. A fall can cause lasting, and sometimes fatal, injuries and is preventable in most cases.


Bedsores are sometimes known as decubitus ulcers or pressure sores, and they are caused by prolonged pressure and poor nutrition. They’re quite painful and come in varying degrees of severity. There is no reason for a resident to have bedsores if they’re receiving the care they need and deserve.

Restraint Use

Nursing facilities use chemical and physical restraints on some patients. Physical restraints include any method that a person cannot easily remove and restricts their freedom of movement. An abusive facility may restrain a person by forcing them to take sedatives to make them easier to manage.

Nursing homes are a type of business and, like other companies, they may increase profits by reducing labor costs. Many homes are understaffed and providers are overworked, causing them to become rushed and inattentive. If a loved one has suffered neglect or abuse in a nursing home, call today to find out how to get justice.