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A Guide to the PSMF Diet

PSMFhas become very popular among health conscious people. If you have yet to join the bandwagon, here are the basic things you need to know about PSMF or protein sparing modified fasting.

The idea of protein sparing modified fasting is so easy to comprehend. The idea is to get the least calories possible while still consuming the right amounts of protein. The goal is to have mass of lean tissues. This, by essence, is actually starvation. It is believed that through this, the person gets metabolic benefits similar to actual fasting. However, compared to actual fasting, this is less risky because one is including protein and other nutrients to his or her diet.

So, a PSMF diet usually involves very little calories and it normally should not be more than 1000 calories daily. Then, the majority of those calories need to come from lean protein. In this regard, carbs and fats must be minimized.

A few veggies that are not starchy can be included in one’s protein sparing modified fasting diet supplements can be part of this protein sparing modified fasting diet because of the fact that nutrient and electrolyte deficits are to be expected.
This is to say that protein should ideally be the main source of calories. However, what must be burned are the calories that are from fat. Another truth is that patients on this PSMF usually go into ketosis. This is due to the knowledge that fat calories usually provide the body the energy it needs. In this process, the body gets to build or replenish muscle mass and avoid lean tissue loss. To simplify this, the body is “eating” its own fat.

It is wrong for people to think of protein sparing modified fasting diet to be similar to keto. With Keto, the body gets calories from fats mostly. On the other hand, there is no calorie restriction on Keto, unlike protein sparing modified fasting diet. Finally, protein sparing modified fasting diet is to be done on a short period of time while keto can be adopted into a lifestyle.

So now the question is whether or not PSMF is effective. Several studies have shown that it does work. It must be noted however that if you want to start this, you should know where to get high quality protein soruces. Take note that high quality protein is important in this diet. This includes protein that comes from fish and lean animal protein.

The last question revolves around the safety of protein sparing modified fasting diet. This very save provided that it must be supervised medically. protein sparing modified fasting diet Neither is this for those who are chubby. This diet is intended for very fat or obese people.

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