Assurant Life Health Insurance Products

Assurant Life is a nationwide health insurance provider operating in the individual, family and small group marketplace. They are best known for their consumer health coverage. Assurant offers several health packages to choose from with varying benefits, deductibles, and coinsurance options.

Plan Descriptions

Benefits offered will vary depending on the state where the prospective insured resides. In most states, two health savings account plans and three traditional plans are offered.

High deductible, catastrophic plans are very affordable for consumers on a tight budget. Additionally, monthly rates will be locked in for two years when a high deductible plan is selected. The SaveRight PPO HSA and the RightStart PPO are good choices for those who want basic coverage at a competitive price.

The MaxPlan, CoreMed Plan and One Deductible PPO HSA are better options for those who desire more comprehensive coverage. Naturally, these three plans are more expensive, but will offer comprehensive coverage should the insured have a claim. Doctor’s office co-payments and prescription drug coverage are offered with the MaxPlan and CoreMed Plan. Consumers also have several benefit options available including preventive care, dental and vision coverage, first dollar accident benefits, and/or a rx drug discount card.

Maternity Coverage

A competitive niche for Assurant Life is their maternity plans. Consumers can select a maternity specific deductible ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 (with most plans in most states). The deductible will not be subject to the overall health insurance deductible. This way, the insured can tailor the medical coverage to fit their needs.

The waiting period to conceive is only three months in most states. This is very reasonable wait when compared to coverage offered from most other carriers. Like all health insurance companies, this rider cannot be purchased if the proposed insured is already pregnant.

Health Network Options

Assurant is also unique in how the networks are structured. Typically, consumers can select from four or five networks in their state. Some networks are nationwide while others are regional. With several to choose from, it is not difficult to find a network that includes a desired doctor or hospital. Additionally, clients can change networks while the policy is in force. This is advantageous for those who are moving from state to state or need the services of a new doctor or hospital.

In summary, Assurant is a reputable health carrier offering both catastrophic and comprehensive plans to the public. Those who desire maternity coverage and/or robust network options should consider their offerings. Working through an experienced agent, consumers can enroll in a suitable plan for themselves, their family, or their small business.

Mid Life Coaching For Women – 7 Small Changes That May Have A Big Impact Upon Mid Life Health

As a Mid Life Coach for Women, health is often one of the first topics we look into. Here are a few of the simplest and smallest changes that clients decide to make, often having the most amazing results.

Food – Introduce food that will help fight the aging process. The more color upon your plate the healthier you will be. Red grapes, green tea, blue berries, black berries, oranges, lemons, to name but a few. Cut down on the carbs too. Period. What one food can you change today that will have an impact upon your health?

Liquid – Two liters of water a day will help keep your body hydrated. Be aware of the effects of alcohol upon the Woman’s Mid Life body – a glass of red wine a day can have beneficial effects – more can be damaging. How can you make sure you are drinking the right quantity of water today?

Sleep – It can be difficult at Mid Life to get a good nights sleep, especially if you suffer from hormonal sweats. Stick to a routine, be prepared as best you can for cooling yourself down. Take an afternoon siesta to boost your tired body – only for 10 minutes. What one thing can you change in your sleep routine?

Exercise – Any exercise that allows to increase your heart rate each day is beneficial. Find something that fits into your daily routine so that it can become a habit. 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference. Check out ‘Interval training’ the new and in vogue way of exercising and the ancient ‘5 Tibetan Rites’ – also known as ‘The Fountain of Youth’. What will you do for 15 minutes today? When will you do this?

De-Stress – Stress is one of the biggest causes of illness at Mid Life. Be aware of what causes you stress, if possible begin to slowly to eradicate this from your life. Find a way of unwinding each day. Take a ‘Mini Me Moment’ just stop what you are doing and stay still for a few minutes until you feel calm again. Meditation practice will help, as will laughter. Have you laughed today?

Something New – Learning something new is a great way to maintain a healthy mind and body. Begin ticking off some of the things you have thought of doing yet never got around to. If you can get away from your usual surroundings even better. What’s on your list?

Help Others – When we reach Mid Life we have already gained so much experience. What better way to feel loved and wanted than to share that with others. Make a list of things you have learned along the way. What can you share and who will you share it with?

Making just one of the changes above will produce lasting results. Many Women at Mid Life are making the changes to suit their circumstances. The smallest steps always lead to the biggest results if taken one by one on a constant basis. What steps will you take?

WAHM – Take Control of Your Life, Health and Wealth – Become a Work at Home Mom

Work at home moms (WAHMs) are taking back control of their life, health and wealth. I jumped on the bandwagon as well. It’s funny now that I think about it. Many people, and by people I mean co-workers, would raise their eyebrows in amazement. Once they learned that I was leaving my supervisory position in a growing company. They were shocked that I was just going to quit, stay at home and work on my businesses. I don’t think they were shocked that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I’m sure they were wondering how on earth I could afford to quit my day job.

I wasn’t thinking in terms of what I couldn’t afford. I was too busy trying to figure out HOW I could afford to be a work from home mom. Staying at the company just wasn’t an option for me. They couldn’t pay me enough and trust me, it wasn’t much. I was tired of supporting my babysitter, working for all of my creditors and not investing in myself. Even with a full-time income, I STILL was in the red at the end of every month. Talk about motivation. It just got to a point where I started to wonder. Why on earth am I dragging myself out of bed early in the morning, waking my baby from his sleep, dragging him outside in the nasty Chicago weather, driving 30 minutes out of my way to drop him off at the sitters, to go to work and be chained down to a desk for nine hours, sitting, sedentary, gaining weight, getting the life sucked out of me so that by the time I got home I was too tired to do anything, such as cook, clean or exercise. Why? Because that’s the norm. Because of the “good benefits.” That’s what everyone else does. I finally woke up and said this isn’t the life for me.

By reading this article you will understand why so many women choose to be work at home moms. You will gain insight to the reasons that drive this lifestyle choice and be able to make a decision for yourself. Moms are tired of being torn between the corporate world and family life. Especially in this economy, many moms are realizing that it’s just not worth it to be away from their kids 50 hours week, slaving away at a company and only barely able to make ends meet at the end of the month. You will finally realize how valuable your time really is and be ready to take charge of your life.

Why join work at home moms?

There are several reasons for choosing the WAHM lifestyle. An obvious reason is to spend more time with your children. Many moms deal with guilt for leaving their child at the daycare or the babysitter every day. They also feel regret for missing those milestone moments-the first crawl, the first word or the first step. Being a work at home mom provides tons of flexibility. You can spend as much time with your kids as you want and not worry about missing those precious moments. Another reason is to achieve work life balance. When you work full-time, you undoubtedly spend more time with your co-workers than your family. If you’re sitting all day, sedentary, then it’s even worse. Why? Because you’re not getting enough exercise. Most likely you’re too tired to work out or cook by the time you get home. You want to spend whatever little time you have with your family before bedtime. Remember your health is critical for living a well-balanced life. It often suffers the most because you’re too busy taking care of everyone else. The last major reason is to create financial wealth. This applies to the work at home moms who are actively building their own businesses. Being a wage earner alone is not enough to become financially independent or wealthy. You must become a business owner, an investor or both to achieve this goal. Building a home business in addition to working your job is a safe way to pursue financial freedom. Eventually you will not have to depend on your job for income and you can make the transition to full-time business owner.

Fear of the economy is not a reason to hold on to your job.

Most people are clinging on to the ancient concept of job security. Unfortunately it’s an illusion and this is why so many people are devastated when they lose their job involuntarily. Work at home moms understand that there are no guarantees. In this tumultuous time, the average person thinks that finding a stable job is hitting the jackpot. Yes, having income is a good thing-especially when you don’t have any. However, thinking that the economy is too fragile to venture out on your own to create your own income is absurd. Now is the time to become a business owner. You need to be responsible for creating your own financial security. No one else will do it for you. The company that you work for will not do it for you. Stop depending on that 410k or pension. It just may not be there when you need it the most. You need to be 100% independent of earned income. In other words, if you depend on employee wages at all, you need to wean yourself from this income stream over time.

Time is the only thing we get a set amount of everyday. Is subtracting 10 hours daily from your time really worth it? Life is too short to not do what you love and be surrounded by people you love every day. Most people do not LOVE their job. They hold on to it for daily survival. Survival is just existing. Survival is not living. If you want to truly live, then you need to do your life’s work. Your life’s work excites you to the point where you can’t sleep at night. You look forward to doing it when you get up in the morning. You will do it for free because you love it so much. Work at home moms experience this joy daily and you can too.

Our time is precious. Many work at home moms recognized this and decided to take back their time. They don’t want to be told when to punch a clock or eat lunch. They don’t want to choose between overtime and their child’s soccer game. At the end of the day, it’s just not worth it to spend all of that time outside the home, away from family, not doing what you truly love. There are plenty of reasons to become a work from home mom. By now you should be able to identify yours.